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Scrum Master

We are always accepting resumes for Scrum Masters to serve our clients across the country

Job Description

As an advocate for the Scrum framework, you may be asked to serve in a variety of duties. Your focus will be helping our clients deliver results in some of the most complex environments around the world. Success within our diverse range of clients requires the ability to adapt and perform in numerous Agile environments. In this position, your role as a Scrum Master, coach, and practitioner will require you to apply the Scrum Values and principles to an organization transitioning to Agile Delivery.   

Specific responsibilities for the Scrum Master position include:

  • Quickly establish collaborative partnerships with key stakeholders and team members to help them in their journey of adopting the Scrum framework.

  • Assess the current organization and delivery environment. Recommend optimal Agile practices tailored to the client.

  • Facilitate every adoption practices to grow the use of the framework and empiricism within each Scrum Team.

  • Support the triage and resolution of critical issues.

  • Prepare and deliver verbally and orally effective communications regarding progress and status for client teams.

  • Engage in hands-on effort, including analysis, design and change management, as needed on any initiative.


  • Minimum 3 years of experience as a Scrum Master.

  • Agile practitioner mindset with an understanding of common Agile practices, service-oriented environments, and iterative development practices.

  • Relevant certifications preferred

  • Demonstrated track record of successful ability to serve in large and complex consulting engagements.

  • Flexibility to work with teams, individuals and executives and willingness to help with a wide variety of work products and people.

  • Ability to establish immediate credibility with clients, build consensus, and achieve goals through influence.

  • Excellent interpersonal/communication skills.

Other Roles:

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