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Extreme Programming in Agile and its Values

With the increasing software engineering technologies at a rapid pace, traditional project management approaches are no longer viable. IT professionals and software development companies are adopting new ways to handle development tasks, and one of them is Extreme Programming.

Extreme programming or XP is an Agile framework that several IT companies apply. This amazing framework offers higher quality software for the development team. It is one of the most specific agile frameworks regarding best engineering practices to develop software. In addition, it pays attention to technical aspects of software development and makes it superior to other approaches.

Values of Extreme Programming

The five values of XP are as follows:


The process of software development relies on communication to transfer knowledge about projects. XP helps ensure that all team members' communication is done on a whiteboard or other drawing mechanisms.


The purpose of a simplified development process is to avoid wasting time on unnecessary things. For example, the system design should be simple and easy to maintain. Moreover, it only addresses the known requirements.


Teams can easily get to know about the area of improvement via feedback and reviews. The XP teams can easily revise the practices creating a more clear and precise product.


This value depicts effective action in case of any issue or fear. It depicts a preference for action based on other principles so that the results are not harmful to the team. Teams must have the courage to accept things and make them better.


There must be a relation of trust and respect between teams to communicate effectively. In addition to that, they must provide and accept feedback to identify the best solutions.

Extreme programming defines many essential practices and motivates the team to perform the best even close to the extreme.


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