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What is a Scrum Master?

As evident from the title of the role, that scrum master is the master of the scrum. Scrum has defined roles and rituals that needs to be followed, and the scrum master makes sure every team member is on the same page. The scrum master trains and works closely with all team members to ensure that all rituals of the scrum framework are applied.

We have had the overview for answering the question: what is a scrum master but, to understand the role of these unsung heroes, we need to dive deep!

What is a Scrum Master?

Scrum Master is a facilitator of the team and the sprints. According to the scrum guide, the scrum masters ( the facilitators) act as servant leaders to the scrum team. A good scrum master is always committed to the scrum values and foundation and is also open to new opportunities for the team to boost workflow.

Responsibilities of a Scrum Master

The responsibilities of a scrum master are as follows

1. Stand


The scrum master is responsible for facilitating day-to-day stand-up meetings as needed.

2. Sprint Planning Meetings

The scrum master prevents the scrum team from over and under-estimates a sprint's scope to generate achievable sprint goals.

3. Sprint Reviews

The scrum master takes part in the meetings and notes down the feedback of the team and other stakeholders.

4. Retrospectives

The master documents the areas that need improvement and what worked and what did not for future scrum sprints.

5. Board Administration

The scrum master works as an administrator of the scrum board to ensure that software, tools, and other valuable resources are functional.

6. One on One Meetings

The scrum master conducts one-on-one meetings with the team members and other stakeholders as needed. The master takes feedback regarding the work style and process from all or specific team members and fixes any issues.

7. Internal Consulting

Scrum master might conduct meetings with internal stakeholders and team members to determine how to achieve the goals.

8. Reporting

The scrum master analyzes portfolio planning tools and burndown charts to determine their team's development and cadence.

9. Blockers

Scrum Master eliminates the internal and internal blockers to enable the team to work in a flow according to scrum’s rules.

10. Team Support

The scrum master is the biggest support of his team. The scrum master is supposed to do anything the team needs. This role may include any task, including fixing a computer, moving the tables around, or even making a coffee ( if this is what your team needs).

Final Words!

Now, we know very well who is a scrum master. This role requires excellent efficiency and capabilities, and we think the right person can do it all. So take the course and discover your leadership skills to make this role a full-time career for you.


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