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What is Agile Software Development?

Agile Software Development is a set of frameworks used to develop software. These frameworks are based on Manifesto for Agile Software Development and its 12 Principles. It is used to turn a business idea in your mind into functioning software.

Agile Software Development focuses on people collaborating to perform a certain task. It provides frameworks on how should people work together to get the best outcomes in a given time. Cross-functional teams (teams containing members from all the relevant departments) work together and solutions are evolved during the process.

Teams work in sprints. Sprints are short durational (2 weeks to a month) working sessions where team members focus on a small goal and work hard with concentration.

Agile focuses on incremental work where teams continuously plan, implement, fix the flaws, and iterate.

The best part of Agile Software development is that it gives customers the priority. Developers, testers, and customers work together in chunks. Every time a problem appears, it is fixed without changing the entire framework.

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