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What is Timeboxing in Scrum - Its Events, Pros, and Cons

The timeboxing method in scrum is an excellent way to split down projects into fixed periods in order to boost productivity. This time management technique provides the opportunity to limit the amount of time the Scrum team is spending on a certain activity in advance.

Under the Scrum framework, all activities are time-boxed, which means the time is segmented for a specific event and activity. That specific time unit is called a time box, and its purpose is to define the amount of time dedicated to an activity. Scrum uses a timeboxing technique for almost all scrum events and as a tool for open-ended tasks.

What are timeboxed events in Scrum?

Timeboxing is a crucial component used by the Scrum teams during sprint or iteration to explain open-ended tasks. Following are the five events concerning the 1-week sprint in Scrum.

  1. Sprint Planning: The timebox should be 2 hours, and its length must be one week.

  2. Daily Scrum: It should not be more than 15 minutes.

  3. Sprint Review: The timebox should not be more than 1 hour, and its length must be 1 week.

  4. Sprint Retrospective: The timebox should not exceed 1 hour, and the sprint length must be 1 week.

Advantages and disadvantages of Timeboxing


The advantages of Timeboxing in Scrum are as follows:

  • Priority is required for all matters that occur during the time.

  • Focus on the most important things under time constraints.

  • Have a stop-loss point under the time principle

  • Time limits develop a certain rhythm.


The disadvantages of Timeboxing in Scrum are as follows:

  • As the work is completed under the time limit, there is a possibility of semi-finished products/projects.

  • The discussions may not be sufficient in the whole process.

  • Miscommunication can further lead to inaccuracy.

Final Thoughts

The purpose of timeboxing is pretty simple, and that is to define the amount of time that is allocated for certain activities. It is the best solution to prevent the exceeding time limit of projects. In short, timeboxing is the best tool to work on open tasks.


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