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Assisted Adoption Program
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Program Overview
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Assisted Adoption


50 Participants


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Assisted Adoption


100 Participants


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Assisted Adoption


150 Participants

What's Included?

Formal Training

  • 5 Licensed courses

    • 2 APS

    • 1 PSMPO

    • 1 PAL-E

    • 1 Additional course


*All courses include 2 exam attempts for each student (2 of each PSM & PSPO for PSMPO course)

4 Cohort Groups
(SM, PO, Team, Leadership)

  • 90-minute all-hands kickoff and conclusion celebration

  • Interactive coaching software platform for each participant


  • Monthly Assignments for each participant based on user type with live coaching feedback/grading


  • 1-hour monthly cohort check-Ins for each cohort


  • 1-hour cross-functional team check-ins (groups of 8-10)


  • A copy of all learning assets for each participant


  • Closeout retrospectives, feedback, and 6-month plan of action for each cohort

Administrative Program Management

  • Designated Consulting Hours

  • Included Administrative Hours

  • Program Guide Platform Account With Dashboard View

  • Monthly Reporting and Monthly Check In with Primary Coach

  • 6 Month Additional Plan of Action at conclusion of program

Download Our Brochure For The

Assisted Adoption Program

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Sample Program Roadmap
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Guided Learning Software Platform
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The Professional Scrum Guided Learning Platform™ (GLP) supports practitioners in enhancing their skills through targeted, real-world assignments seamlessly integrated into their daily work, allowing them to practice and refine their abilities. This is included in our Assisted Adoption Program. An experienced Guide facilitates the guided learning experience by offering feedback on assignments and designing learning journeys that promote increased and enhanced proficiency. Guides provide valuable and tailored feedback, validating growth based on completed work.


A more effective way to learn

By adopting a Guided Learning approach to bolstering Scrum Masters' capabilities, organizations can increase the likelihood of consistently delivering value each Sprint, as solely investing in Scrum Master training often falls short in helping teams grow and deliver more value.

Increased impact through proficiency

To foster disciplined and self-sustaining teams that consistently deliver value, it is essential to invest in assisting teams in effectively applying their knowledge to their work. This involves providing foundational training and subsequent Guided Learning, which offers new teams the necessary support to bridge the gap between theory and practice.

Enhanced adaptability

Resilient agile organizations thrive by leveraging employee talent and employing a Guided Learning approach to develop internal change agents, enabling the achievement of desired outcomes and adapting to complex challenges.

Guided Learning Platform Features
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Assignment Administration

Your coach will create, edit, and issue assignments in this section. Scoring, feedback, and comments are provided via assignments.

Admin View

In this area, you can track your learner's performance and assignments in the admin panel. 

Admins can view how many assignments each learner has open, submitted, in review, and completed.

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Learner View

Similar to the admin panel, learners can track how many assignments they have open, submitted, in-review, or completed.


Learners can engage with their coach as necessary

Coach Chat Feature
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Confused with the assignments? Participants can utilize chat support for assistance throughout their Scrum journey!

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