The Ross Agile Consulting Group, LLC. is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB).  Our industry knowledge offers over 15 years of proven domestic and international experience leading complex enterprise solutions.

It is with great appreciation that we welcome you to review our potential to be an asset to your organization.  Given our diverse leadership background and exposure to all facets of agile delivery, we feel we would be an excellent fit for any opportunity.

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A Consultative Approach to Strategic Solutions

Over 15 years of proven domestic and international experience leading complex enterprise solutions.

Our Services

Our core experience lies within formal Scrum and scaled-scrum training, agile transformations,

and consulting organizations on business-driven strategic solutions.



The Ross Agile Consulting Group’s agile training and services provide the most advanced and up-to-date Scrum practices.  Our trainers are thought leaders within the agile community and provide the foundation your organization needs to achieve the adoption you are seeking. 



We will exercise the fundamentals necessary to avoid poor agile habits commonly found within a maturing agile-oriented organization. Whether you are looking to learn about Scrum for the first time or you are a seasoned practitioner, our training will transform and grow your organization.



We seek to provide you the necessary guidance for you to adopt an agile framework and develop your products in a manner.  We seek to help your organization be competitive in your market, respond to change, and remain innovative.  Our goal is to give you the knowledge and tools to avoid a reliance on outside personnel and organizations while also maturing in your agile adoption. 



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WORKSHOPS (1-3) days

*All workshops are created for individual client needs.

Getting Started

Examples Include:

  • Agile Immersion Overview/Essentials

  • Scrum Team Kickstart

  • Roadmap to 1st Sprint Workshop

  • Etc.

Agile Alignment / Realignment

Examples Include:

  • Enterprise Agile for Leaders

  • 12 Illustrations of Agile Delivery

  • Roadmapping / Impact Mapping Workshop

  • Etc.

Complementary Practices 

Examples Include:

  • User Story Workshop

  • Evidenced-Based Management Workshop

  • Scaling Frameworks Distilled or a Specific Scaling Framework Workshop

    • LeSS, SAFe, Nexus, Etc.




Examples Include:

  • Agile Capability Assessment

    • Is your organization ready?

    • How will you measure your success?

    • What does this mean for the teams, management and executives?

  • Scrum Adoption Assessment

    • Did you adopt a vocabulary or a framework?

    • How mature is your organization?

    • What's next?

  • Enterprise Agile Assessment

    • How do you measure agility?

    • How may your product benefit?

    • Is your organization "agile"?

Let us observe and provide feedback on your organization's adoption, agility, and/or capabilities.​


Examples Include:

  • Piloting 

    • Let us facilitate your initial adoption.

  • Staffing & Staff Augmentation

    • Let us provide the right personnel for you.

  • Interviewing and Hiring

    • Let us help you find the right team.

  • Consulting Capacity

    • Whether it's 1-hour a week or a 6-month engagement, keep us on call to ensure your adoption goes smoothly​.

Let us aide your organization in your agile journey without creating a dependency on outside guidance.


Interested In Having Us Train Your Organization?