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What's Different About Agile Quality?

While working on the agile-based project, every team member is responsible for the quality product delivery throughout the project. All the crucial things like how the end product will be created, how the workload is divided, and all the product-related things are discussed. All the team members have control over the product-creating process.

Agile quality workflow is designed so that it can be constantly reviewed to provide the best end product. In this way, the changes can also be made easier if the client requires them. It is the responsibility of product owners and stakeholders to represent the product's needs and to ensure that every team member is well aware of the requirements to get the best results.

In the end, quality refers if the product is working in the right way. Also, it is determined if it fulfills the needs of stakeholders. So, you can say that quality is an inherited part of agile project management.

What's Different About Agile Quality?

Agile is different than traditional project management, and the following things make Agile Quality different:

Testing is a daily part of each module and sprint, and you can use automated testing techniques to allow robust testing every day.

Testing in each module allows you to test riskier features in early sprints, and problems can be fixed easily when you are testing smaller chunks of work every day.

You address quality both reactively through testing and by encouraging practices for quality work. Proactive quality approaches include pair programming, established coding standards, and more.

Testing is assured on agile projects as it is part of every sprint.

Overall, all these testing features make the Agile quality better.


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